Happy Women's Day
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Women can not only emit ordinary and dazzling light in their respective positions, but also create brilliant achievements for the company.

In March, we have a very important festival, which is the International Women's Day.


Women are the general term for adult women in the official dictionary. Not only refers to married women, but in judicial interpretations, women over the age of 14 are defined as women. The full name of International Women's Day is "United Nations Women's Rights and International Peace Day". It is a festival set up on March 8th every year to celebrate women's contributions and achievements in all aspects.


People say that women can hold up half of the sky, but these goddesses of BESVOL are willing to hold up a whole day for customers. In life, they are cute girl who love beauty and can act coquettishly; in work, they are female fighters who are dedicated to serving every customer. All their contributions are only to bring a convenient and heart-warming purchase journey to every consumer.


For BESVOL’s staff composition with more women than men, on the occasion of Women’s Day, the company also carefully organizes all girls to celebrate a meaningful Women’s Day.

Except for the cumbersome work and the conversion between various roles, we girls rarely have their own leisure time-watching movies, simple and pure pleasure.

Drinking milk tea - Girls' happiness can not be solved without a cup of milk tea

Hot pot -  Belongs to the girl's hot pot time.Take a big bite and without worry

In today's society, women exude ordinary and dazzling light in their respective positions. Finally, I hope that our girls will continue to show the beauty of women, always keep a childlike heart, don't be too depressed, don't think too much, simple, and can unite to create brilliant performance for the company.