Professional method of choosing towel
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Professional method of choosing towel

Before recommending the washing towel to you, I'd like to share with you the professional method of selecting towel, totally 5 steps.

(1) Appearance

Some quality problems can be simply judged by the surface of the towel, such as whether the surface of towel has oil stain, color stain, wear mark, hook thread, linear defect, strip assembly defect, needle skipping and so on. Here we also show you the corresponding actual defective products to give you an intuitive impression. This is the oil stain, this is the wear mark, the hook thread, this is the thread This one is the strip assembly defect, and this one is the needle skipping off line.

(2) Edge setting

Each towel should be with fixed edge. Some are ultrasonic cutting, some are sewing hemming, and some are overlock. Whether the edge setting is good or not can be judged by the edge to see whether there is lint or loose thread . Here, I would like to tell the binding standard in the towel industry: the density of stitches within 5cm shall not be less than 14 stitches, otherwise, it will not be qualified products.

(3) Materials:

The material determines the characteristics and performance of the towel. There are 2 important material in a towel: polyester and polyamide. Usually the component ratio of the 2 on the market is 90 / 10, 85 / 15, 80 / 20, 70 / 30, etc. of course, there are also pure 100% polyester or polyamide towel. The higher the polyamide ratio, the better the water absorption.

(4) Gram weight

We need to know the weight of the towel and its sizes. The gram weight here is divided into gram weight per square meter of cloth (GSM as we all know) and gram weight of single towel. The weight of a single towel is Gsm* towel length * towel width .
If actual weight same with theoretical weight of a single towel , its a good towel.
Today we have prepared an electronic balance, and we will show you whether the actual gram weight is consistent with the marked rated gram weight.

(5) The last step, Test report- Its also an important way to check whether its a qualified towel.

The above four steps can be completed by looking at the component table of washing label, visual observation and comparison. Some other very important physical feature of towel can not be observed by naked eyes, such as breaking strength, bursting strength, lint free rate, colorfast rate, etc., , these need to be tested by professional equipment. Its SGS report as we all know.
This is a towel SGS test report of our company. Let's have a look at the above data (show SGS data).
The above five steps are the professional method of choosing towel. I hope my share can help you to choose the best towel with most competitive price and good quality.

Today we selected 9 types of microfiber towels and recommended them to you. All of them are of high quality and good price.
Why are we recommending you all the microfiber towels ? Because of their excellent water absorption and softness, they are more suitable for car cleaning and maintenance. Among the 10 types, 5 of them are coral velvet microfiber towel which is more popular in the market, and the other 5 are common microfiber towel, twist microfiber towel, single-side roughening microfiber towel, waffle super fiber towel and Pearl microfiber towel.