Double ring sunshade
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Double ring sunshade

As soon as summer comes,it will be very hot especially the south regions . I am sure that every car owner will face a same problem. The car is parked under the hot sun, the interior temperature can reach 6~70 degrees.

I think you may need a car sunshade to deal with this problem, the car sunshade has become a very popular tool for sun protection in summer. If the car is exposed to the sun for a long time, it will easily cause cracking and degumming of the leather seats, instrument panel and center console. Although the anti-explosive film for the windows can block the sunlight, but its far from be enough to against the sunshine come into your car.

The sunshade can reflect sunlight, so in a short time, it has a good effect on reducing the temperature in the car.

In addition, the double-ring sunshade is much lighter than other front-end sunshade products. I can tell you the weight of this product, which is only 0.36G.

And the material of the double-ring sunshade is polyester cloth, one side is coated with silver color, and the other side is black polyester cloth. For example, you see this product in my hand. As you can see, the silver-coated layer can effectively reflect sunlight, while the black polyester cloth on the back can more effectively reduce sunlight come into our car interior.
The advantage of this product is that it is very easy to store and unfold. Please see my show. Just fold it and twist like this, and then it can be stored. If it is unfolded, it will automatically pop up by pulling it out. Because his two rings are made of memory steel wire, they can be flexibly folded and open.

Use and storage

Just put the sunshade on the front glass of the car. Press down with the sun visor on the car to block the sunshade in front of the glass. Very simple! At present, most of the sun shades on the market use suction cups, which are cumbersome to fix and often cannot be sucked tightly. Let us say goodbye to suction cup sunshade!

It is also very convenient for storage. The two circles are connected together. As i said after folding in half, twist and press in a eight shape, you see it become a small circle! after folding it into the packaging bag, the overall length is 30 cm and the width is about 25 cm. You can clip it directly on the sun visor or put it in the car's additional storage box. Very simply.

5. Custom logo
It can customize the logo. I have a sample which with logo. But, the cost of custom logo is definitely more expensive than normal one. If you are a personal user of a private car, we do not recommend you to add a logo. If you are a company or want to send to your customers as a gift or other purposes, we recommend you to add a logo. Cause logo can symbol of your company

Beside the logo, we can also print some cartoons, to make this double circle sunshade look mor beautiful.