How do we use a car wash foam pot
Source: | Author:Jane Wang | Publish Date :2021-05-24 | 60 Times Viewed: | Share:
I believe that there are few owners who are used to cleaning their cars, so in order to make the car wash foam can be more evenly sprayed on the car body,
and can also be more effective in playing foam, a lot of friends will use foam pot to spray.
Then how to use this "magic weapon" in the end? First of all, there are two kinds of foam pot.
One is the foam gun mounted on the car wash water gun, and the other is an independent watering can. Next let me to tell you, their use steps are how.

The steps to use these two kinds of foam pot are very simple.
First, pour the prepared car wash liquid into the container of the foam pot, and then make sure to tighten it, and then press the spray switch to spray foam.
The foam gun, as the name implies, is to add the foam pot to the car wash water gun.
First, pour the car wash liquid into the container, and then connect the foam gun and car wash water gun with the quick plug joint.
Finally, after ensuring the connection is firm, you can open the switch and spray the foam.

It is worth mentioning that although they are all foam POTS, their effects are very different.
After all, the foam pot equipped with water gun, under the high pressure of the water gun, not only speeds up the speed of foam ejection,
but also makes the foam better attached to the car body. In general, if conditions permit, it is best to use a foam gun with a car wash water gun.