How to shade a car
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How to shade a car
How to shade a car
1. Try to park in the shade
If there is no private garage, underground parking lot or parking lot with shed, you can use the shade of the building. For example, parking in the morning can be on the west side of the building; In the afternoon, try to park on the east side of the building; If parking for the whole day, try to choose the section with buildings on both sides for parking * *, if not, choose the east side of the building for parking, so as to avoid the impact of long sunshine in the afternoon and the sun on the vehicles.
2. The bottom of the car is facing the sun
As a last resort, you can only park in the sun. Turn the rear of the car to the sun. The rear of the car is not so important. It can neither directly dry the engine in the front of the car, nor relatively reduce the temperature in the car.
3. Window seam
Under the condition of safety, leaving a small gap in the window is conducive to the air convection inside and outside the car, and the heat and harmful gases inside the car are eliminated. But be careful not to give the thief an opportunity.
4. Sun visor
Summer film protects the paint. The sun visor can cover the center console, which can not only reduce the aging speed, but also reduce the interior temperature of the car * * select the front windshield sun visor with silver reflective heat insulation layer, which will reflect most of the sunlight and improve the sunscreen and heat insulation effect of the car. It can also be used with window sunshade.
How to cool the car
1. Quickly open and close the door, strengthen the air circulation
This method is the most simple and practical. First, roll down the window of one side door of the cab, and then open and close the door of the copilot position repeatedly for 10 times. Within two minutes, the temperature in the car can drop nearly 10 ℃.
2. Spray water to cool down
Prepare a spray can, fill in three quarters of water, pour in about 20 ml alcohol, open the door, spray a few times quickly, then close the door, do not open the window. After a minute or two, the temperature in the car will drop, and it will be more comfortable to enter the car.
3. Open the windows and the air conditioner
Many car owners close the windows and turn on the air conditioner to cool down as soon as they get on the car. This will not only make it impossible to cool down quickly, but also make the car full of pungent smell under various kinds of sun exposure. Old drivers usually open the windows first to breathe. When the car runs stably, they turn on the air conditioner and switch it to the external circulation mode. When the temperature inside the car is close to the outside, they close the windows and switch it to the internal circulation mode, Can play a rapid cooling.
4. Turn the air-conditioning outlet upward
On the basis of the limited facilities in the car, we should give full play to the physical principles of objects. When the air conditioner is turned on, the cold air will be heavier than the hot air, and it will sink automatically. So the cold air outlet upward can make the cold air in the car evenly distributed from top to bottom and from left to right, greatly improving the comfort of the car.