Industry analysis of automobile film
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Industry analysis of automobile film
According to statistics, there are more than 2000 auto window film brands in the Chinese market, and no more than 10 manufacturers can produce auto window film in the world. The regular automobile window film process is more complex, including anti-wear layer, metal insulation layer, colored pet safety base and other different functional layers.

Many inferior automobile window films are basically "only one layer of plastic", which not only can not play the role of anti ultraviolet and heat insulation, but also have poor durability, easy foaming and poor light transmittance. A few days ago, the reporter went to an auto parts city at random. Various advertisements of "professional film" can be seen everywhere in the auto parts city.

The reporter walked into a shop without any difference. When he learned that the reporter wanted to apply film, the owner began to introduce the products in the shop enthusiastically“ The cheapest is 189, and the better is over 2000. " The shopkeeper introduced to the reporter while checking the price with a calculator. There are several brands in the shop. The prices of solar films vary from two or three hundred yuan to several thousand yuan or even higher. Some brands need more than ten thousand yuan for the whole car. During the investigation, some wholesalers who sell solar films said that many shop owners make huge profits by selling fake brand solar films, and some even use a few yuan per meter of solar films to impersonate a few hundred yuan per meter of brand solar films.

The reporter also found that the actual cost of the car film, which costs one or two thousand yuan, may only be dozens of yuan, which can be called a huge profit. Not only that, most of the film quality on the market does not meet the national standard, the pass rate is very low. According to an auto beauty practitioner, the original purchase price of 180 yuan / roll of solar film ranges from 3000 yuan to 5000 yuan / car, and even can be sold at a high price of 8000 yuan. After careful calculation, the difference between the purchase price and the sales price is 50 times.

A dealer who did not want to be named said that after years of development, inferior film has formed a "profiteering chain" due to its low cost and high profit. The profit of car film can reach ten times or even dozens of times, so that there is a saying in the industry that "selling film makes more money than selling car".

Due to the large profit margin and low cost, the development of inferior film of miscellaneous brand is rapid, so that the inferior film of miscellaneous brand now accounts for more than 60% of the market. Industry insiders said that the more well-known brands, the higher the rate of fake car film. Taking 3M and leipeng brands as examples, the counterfeit rate recognized in the industry is more than 80%.