• How should we protect our car during typhoon?


    For the student party, July and August may be their favorite month, because the summer vacation is coming, but for the people in the south, July and August is a very "suffering" month, because they not only have to endure the merciless destruction of the sun, but also prevent the coming of typhoons. In these days, there are typhoons in the coastal areas of the south, Many crops have been destroyed. At the same time, many vehicles have been overwhelmed by big trees and soaked in water. How should car owners who live in the South protect their cars when a typhoon strikes?

  • The origin of sunstroke


    "Suddenly, the warm wind comes, because of the light heat." Today, we welcome the eleventh solar term of the 24 solar terms - sunstroke. With the continuous high-temperature weather, more and more frequent thunder and rain, the midsummer has begun, and the heat is near.

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  • Industry analysis of automobile film


    Industry analysis of automobile film

  • How to shade a car


    How to shade a car