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BESVOL provides one-stop car cleaning solutions, and advocates the environmental protection concept of "green car wash, clean travel". Products include car cleaning equipment, cleaning tools, and users are all over the world.

Brand Story




In 2004, the founder, Mr. Wang Hailiang, began to work in the auto parts industry and served for Ford MK2 supercars, Mercedes-Benz AMG supercars, Dutch military vehicles and other power conversion projects. Like many car modification enthusiasts, he loves his job and the industry.

High energy consumption car washing and maintenance cause huge waste of resources; various cleaning chemical agents cause serious pollution of water resources; non-environmental protection materials are widespread in car accessories, which affect human health; a large number of waste car accessories cannot be effectively recycled. These environmental issues in the automotive industry gave Wang Hailiang a deep sense of mission. He decided to create a brand rooted in the automotive cleaning and maintenance industry, and put the concept of environmental protection into automotive culture.

In 2018, Wang Hailiang and his business partners formally established BESVOL to provide one-stop car cleaning solutions. The brand-"BESVOL" is the abbreviated combination of BEST VOLUME, which means that humans must restrain their desires and only obtain the best amount from nature for their own use, reducing waste, reducing pollution, and maintaining the ecological balance of the earth.

In 2015, he surgically removed a throat tumor due to respiratory disease. Doctors say that dust inhalation and smoking addiction are the main causes of such throat disease. After the operation, he quit cigarettes, fell in love with mountain climbing, running and cross-country, and began to pay attention to environmental protection, and became an active advocate of environmental protection.



BESVOL is committed to R&D and design of car cleaning equipment, reducing energy consumption per unit of car wash, increasing the recycling rate of wastewater filtration, thereby reducing energy waste and water and gas pollution; BESVOL is committed to car storage space design and air purification to create freshness Convenient space and reduce health hazards in the car; BESVOL initiated the environmental protection supply chain of car accessories to promote the effective recycling and utilization of waste car accessories. BESVOL advocates the environmental protection concept of "green car wash, clean travel", through the behavior of every car user, return nature to the car, and return the car to nature!

Green car wash, clean travel.

The environmental protection concept of "green car wash, clean travel" has won strong resonance from car users. BESVOL has quickly accumulated more than 300 partners in the car care&cleaning industry within 2 years, and its products are distributed in hundreds of countries around the world. Under the covid-19 epidemic in 2020, BESVOL has become the first batch of Chinese B100 brand merchants to go overseas, representing Chinese brands, actively exploring online brand marketing, advocating a "green car wash, clean travel" lifestyle, and protecting the clear water and blue sky , Build a green home together.

BESVOL Vision: Car Accessories Leader, One Stop Car Manager.

BESVOL Mission: Besvol Consideration, Car Life Civilization.

BESVOL Value:Honesty, Enthusiasm, Sharing,  Efficiency, Perfection