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Soft Microfiber Chenille Cleaning Car Wash Mitt

Soft Microfiber Chenille Cleaning Car Wash Mitt


Soft Microfiber Chenille Cleaning Car Wash Mitt

Products Description
Soft Microfiber Chenille Cleaning Gloves Car Wash Mitt

Material:Chenille is rich , delicate , soft
Chenille pile lengh is 4 cm ,with good water absorption,strong decontamination, soft , not easy depilation ,  strong foaming function , good cleaning effect

  Appropriate size

  Size: 25*20cm  Weight: 100g

  Suitable for palms of various hand sizes, easy to take.

  Beautiful cuff

  Non shuttle jacquard elastic belt material polyester yarn

  The cuffs are double stitched with fine workmanship

Inner layer
This glove has Non woven fabric inside . You can also customize the waterproof layer to effectively prevent water from entering when washing the car.
Rich foam
This chenille gloves can produce a rich foam,Strong decontamination ability.
  Real Product Pictures

  Real  Package Pictures

  Product Customization Choices
Different gram weights can be customized
Customizable waterproof layer

  Logo Customization Choices
Tear washable label
  Package Customization Choices
Head Card
Waist seal
PVC bag
  Production Pictures
Production workshop
Production machine
Manual detection
Sewing machine