3 sections retractable mop
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3 sections retractable mop

This is a three-section retractable mop. Compared with the two-section mops on the market, it is more convenient to clean.

Wet body. The overall weight is only 330 grams, easy to use, it is a better choice for car washing and home use.

This divides the structure of the telescopic support into 3 parts.

1. Mop cover

A good mop, first of all, the cover is better. This mop cover is made of chenille. The chenille is 4MM thick and 1.2CM long.

The auxiliary broadcaster can take a ruler to measure the size*** The whole mop head is composed of more than 600 chenilles, which can easily absorb 600ML of water

This chenille material is excellent, the velvet column is not easy to break, does not spin and does not lose fiber, even if it is pulled hard, it will not fall.

It is dyed with active environmental protection TF-215, without fading.

This mop cover is fixed with the mop head in the form of a binding strap. Even if the mop cover is accidentally damaged, you only need to change one.

The mop cover can still be used. In addition, this mop cover has many colors to choose from, if you don’t like green, you can change it to

Other colors.

2. Mop head

The mop head is made of ABS engineering plastic thickened by injection molding, which is durable and not easy to damage. Installed on the mop head with

Rotary threaded joint for mop rod link. ***Compared to other types of buckle connectors

More sturdy and durable.

3. Telescopic pole

The aluminum alloy telescopic rod is strong and light, and it is easy to hold for a long time. The first section has a telescopic length of 60CM, the second section has a telescopic length of 83CM,

The third section has a telescopic length of 114CM, plus the thickness of the mop head, it can reach a length of 120CM.