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Car Care Tire Brush Car Waxing Sponge Car Polishing Sponge
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Car Care Tire Brush Car Waxing Sponge Car Polishing Sponge

Car Wheel Polishing Waxing Sponge

 Useful Car Cleaning Tool
Widely used for waxing and polishing to speed trim shine on plastic bumper parts, mirror trim, rubber window moldings, and other detailing.
For precise application of dressings, wax, or leather conditioner without making a greasy mess.

 Non-slip Cover
The rectangular handle is used new PP material, high impact resistance, toughness, acid and alkali resistance.
This plastic handle features finger grooves to prevent slippage, and blocks dirt, grease, and grime from getting into your fingertips, underneath your nails, and protects your knuckles from scraping on sharp car parts. Apply tire shine without soiling fingers.

 High Quality Polyester Sponge
Sponge smooth, evenly spread-no dripping. Long life service.
Apply product without wasting a single drop

Washable and Reusable
You can soak it in water or other solution for repeated use. Remember to dry it first and you will find it can hold plenty of washing solution.

Hanging Hole Design
More convenient to storage with hanging hole.

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