BESVOL VI Car Sunshade
Source: | Author:Jane Wang | Publish Date :2021-08-17 | 31 Times Viewed: | Share:


This is a black rubber opaque double circle sunshade, which is different from the sunshade on the market. Its highlight is the use of double needle stitching to make the product itself updated and durable. The material is made of Pongee 300T and the other side is black. Glue is the same material as our daily anti-ultraviolet sun umbrella.

In daily life, after my car has experienced a midday sun scorching, the heat of opening the car after work is suffocating.

As the first batch of customers to use this product, when I received this prize, my first impression is that this model is not only different from the shades seen on the market in terms of material, but also gives a new look in appearance. The effect after use is obvious, I have to say "really fragrant"

 However, I have to say that the editor has been thinking about the process of storage for a long time, and now I will share it directly with you.

Installation: 1 first take out the product in the cloth cover

2 Open the tightening belt and open the product. There are two loops when you spread it out

3 Attach it to our front glass, turn down the vanity mirror in the car, and jam our sunshade.

Storage: 1 Put the vanity mirror in the car, and remove the product from our front glass.

      2 Fold the left and right sides of the product to form a circle

      3 Hold the left and right sides of the circle with both hands, turn the left hand inward, and turn the right hand outward to form a figure of 8 and then fold it into a small circle, and finally tie the tightening belt