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Expand domestic demand, a number of measures to promote automobile development
Source: | Author:Jane Wang | Publish Date :2022-12-17 | 354 Times Viewed: | Share:

Expand domestic demand, a number of measures to promote automobile development

The Communist Party of China Central Committee and The State Council recently issued the Outline of the Strategic Plan for Expanding Domestic Demand (2022-2035), which calls for unlocking the potential of travel consumption, optimizing the layout of urban transport networks, and vigorously developing smart transportation. Promote the transformation of automobile consumption from purchase management to use management. Measures will be taken to make cars electrified, connected and intelligent, strengthen the construction of supporting facilities such as parking lots, charging piles, power changing stations and hydrogenation stations, and facilitate the trading of second-hand cars.

In a section titled "Comprehensively promoting consumption and accelerating consumption quality Improvement and upgrading," the outline said that final consumption is a lasting driver of economic growth. In line with the trend of consumption upgrading, we will raise traditional consumption, foster new types of consumption, expand consumption of services, increase public consumption as appropriate, and strive to meet the needs of personalized, diversified and high-quality consumption.

At the same time, we will actively develop the green and low-carbon consumption market. We will improve the mechanism for producing and promoting green and low-carbon products. We will promote green upgrading and quality upgrading of consumer durables. We will vigorously develop energy-saving and low-carbon buildings. We will improve the green procurement system and increase government procurement of low-carbon products. Establish and improve standards, identification and certification systems for green products and mechanisms to realize the value of ecological products. We will accelerate the establishment of a recycling system for waste materials, and standardize the development of the recycling and utilization industries of automobiles, power batteries, home appliances and electronic products.

We will improve the rural market system. We will improve the distribution network for agricultural products, strengthen the rural commerce and trade system, and open up two-way channels for the flow of industrial products to rural areas and agricultural products to cities. We will improve the three-level county-village logistics node facility system with county-level logistics nodes as the core, township service stations as the framework, and village-level terminal outlets as the extension, and improve rural e-commerce supporting services. Cultivating online brands of agricultural products. We promoted the upgrading of rural residents' consumption of automobiles, household appliances, furniture and home improvement. We will guide counties to introduce new forms and models of urban consumption, and fully meet the individual, diversified, medium - and high-end consumption needs of county and township residents. We will continue to crack down on fake and shoddy products in accordance with the law and standardize rural markets.