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The global electric vehicle market share has reached 10% in 2022
Source: | Author:Jane Wang | Publish Date :2023-01-18 | 417 Times Viewed: | Share:

The global electric vehicle market share has reached 10% in 2022 

About 7.8 million electric vehicles were sold worldwide in 2022, up 68% from a year earlier and taking their market share to 10% for the first time, according to data from overseas auto sales research firm LMC Automotive and website EV-Volumes.

Tesla (Imported) Model 3(Imported) 2021 US version

The Chinese and European markets have the top two penetration rates of electric vehicles, reaching 19 percent and 11 percent respectively, the data showed. Some studies also suggest that the global market share of electric vehicles could double to 20 per cent by 2030.

However, according to the data of the China Passenger Federation, the wholesale of new energy passenger vehicles in 2022 will reach 6.498 million units, up 96.3% year on year, and the market penetration rate has reached 27.6%, much higher than the above figures. The federation also predicted that 8.5 million new energy passenger vehicles will be sold in 2023, with a market penetration rate of 36 percent.